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Our Mission: The Outdoor Adventure Conservation Fund (OACF) connects people with the outdoors and encourages their active participation through hunting, fishing, shooting, camping, hiking and other traditional outdoor activities and pursuits. OACF creates and sponsors events, and provides grants that support events, programs, activities and other efforts by like-minded groups, organizations, agencies, companies and entities that create and conduct such activities in a safe, positive environment and, overall, seek to develop a caring conservation ethic for the outdoors.


OACF was the idea of founder and current president, Chris Chaffin, who was working as a communications consultant with Dream Giveaway Group, Inc. (www.dreamgiveaway.com) and their developing Outdoor Dream Giveaway (www.outdoorgiveaway.com) national sweepstakes program. The associates wanted a way to help people be active in the outdoors, and with the financial support of Dream Giveaway Group, OACF was funded and became a reality.


The OACF team is small and our beginning activities have focused on working with organizations that get wounded and injured mililtary veterans out fishing for sailfish, dolphin fish, grouper, mackerel and other great saltwater game fish. We look forward to expanding our programs into other areas that will share the outdoors with veterans and others who can benefit from participating in the great outdoors.


Like other small organizations trying to do something worthwhile, we are always in need of addtional funding and volunteers who can lend a hand and are willing to help.  If you are one of those individuals (or part of a group) and would like to help then please don't hesitate to contact us. The need is huge and a helping hand is always needed...and greatly appreciated!


                                                                                                                                     Chris Chaffin




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